PDO Scalp Threading: Stop Loss and Grow

PDO Scalp Threading: Stop Loss and Grow

By Emran R. Imami, MD and Claire Davidson, Medical Aesthetician

Hair; it is one of the most important aspects of female beauty. For many women, it is the feature that makes us feel most beautiful, a symbol of youth and vitality. It goes without saying that the loss of one’s hair, whether it’s handfuls in your shower drain or the dreaded sight of scalp through a once full hair line, can be distressing…even life altering. If you have experienced abnormal hair loss in any form, chances are you have looked for a remedy. The first step in finding a solution is determining the exact source of the problem. While the most common cause is hereditary, beginning with a gradual receding of the hairline and loss of density in the top and crown areas, there are many possible reasons and contributing factors. Imami Hair Restoration can diagnosis the source and stage of hair loss, which is essential to getting results.

One of the newest, non-surgical options for stopping hair loss and creating new growth are (Polydioxanone) PDO Threads. First gaining popularity when used in procedures such as Dr. Emran Imami’s non-surgical Ultra Facelift™, PDO scalp threading has emerged as a hair restoration superstar! Research shows a significant reduction in hair loss, as well as new hair growth just one month after treatment!

The treatment itself is relatively quick and painless, with no downtime and very little recovery. A local anesthetic is used for patient comfort .Very fine, hollow needles (think acupuncture) are inserted under the scalp, leaving behind a nearly microscopic thread which will create a foreign body response, triggering the bodies’ own natural healing mechanism. Threads dissolve naturally, absorbed by the body over the course of 4-6 months. This process of forced cellular activity will promote new tissue growth, improve circulation and ultimately help to regenerate the hair follicle.

Treatment results vary based on the stage of hair loss (early intervention is best), the addition of other therapies, as well as personal health and lifestyle. Combining PDO threads with tried and true hair restoration therapies like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and cutting edge technology such as new ACell (stem cell stimulator/additive) is by far the most effective way to combat hair loss non-surgically.

PRP therapy uses growth factors extracted from your own blood as a “fertilizer” for the follicle, helping to strengthen, multiply, and protect new cells. Taking treatment a step further is now as simple as mixing an additive called ACell into PRP before use. ACell additive creates an extra cellular matrix, and like the foundation of a building, it provides the best possible conditions for cell regeneration. If you are suffering from hair loss or abnormal thinning, PDO scalp threading is a safe, effective treatment that has proven results, especially when used in conjunction with topical and other hair restoration therapies.