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Do Egg Yolks Promote Hair Growth and Prevent Hair Loss?

Left: Boiled egg in egg holder next to a fork on yellow background. Right: Back view of long-haired person cracking an egg over their head, yellow background.
Can topical application of eggs to your scalp really help with hair loss? To answer that, we first need to ask if eggs actually improve your hair’s health.

Some of the major nutrients in eggs are vitamins A, B complex, and E, as well as iron and proteins. Research has linked these nutrients to improved hair health and growth. It’s easy to hear about nutritional benefits and think we should just start eating more of those foods, but it’s more complicated than that. The simple part is that malnutrition, especially for proteins, calories, and micronutrients, can lead to hair loss. That means you should definitely make sure you’re getting at least some of these nutrients to stay healthy. The research (obviously) tested these nutrients in people’s diets, not on their heads.

Here’s a question whose answer isn’t as obvious: if we already have a healthy amount of these nutrients in our bodies, does it help to take more? We don’t actually know how beneficial it is to add nutrients to your diet if you’re already healthy, because there hasn’t been enough research done on it. It’s possible that we just need a minimum amount to avoid problems, and taking more doesn’t help. You can think of it like a cake; if you don’t give it enough of each ingredient, it won’t come out right. But if you add more of each ingredient, it won’t come out better either. And if you put too much of one ingredient, it will come out worse.

In this case, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. An excess of vitamins A, E, or selenium has been linked to hair loss. In general, we don’t know a lot about the effects of supplements in people with healthy diets. So if you’re considering changing your diet or taking nutritional supplements, it’s best to check with a physician first. You should also check with them to figure out if your form of hair loss will benefit from nutritional supplements, and which nutrients will help.

So, should you get the gloves out and rub eggs on your head? Topical application of egg yolk can infuse the shafts of your hair with the nutrients it needs. Eggs also moisturize dry hair. Some sources recommend to mix one raw egg with olive oil, rubbing it into your scalp, and letting it sit for an hour before washing it off with cold water. How effective is this? As we found above, it’s difficult to know. Doctors aren’t recommending this method, but it probably won’t hurt unless you have an allergy to eggs.

We do know that medications like finasteride and topical minoxidil work for hair loss, and that hair transplants are highly effective when performed by a professional. Dr. Imami is a hair loss specialist who can offer you a detailed explanation and recommended plan for your hair loss solution. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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